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Entrepreneur- Author - Attorney - Business Coach

Marieta Oslanec

Marieta Oslanec is a 7-Fig business coach, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author of the book Love is the Law, and successful attorney who moved to the USA with just 700 USD from Slovakia. Her businesses were featured in major media including Forbes, Playboy, CBS, etc. Her mission is to activate your inner genius in order to uplift humanity. Over the years she has been helping purpose-driven conscious entrepreneurs create a soulful empire. She is also a Youtube Influencer (@Immigration channel and @MarietaOslanec) with over 3.2M views and over 100K Social Media Subs combined. Learn more: www.marietaoslanec.com.

Here is What You'll Get


This program includes 5 MODULES, 7 COACHING CALLS  with Marieta, and 5 BONUSES. 

A description of the included chapters and lessons:

MODULE #1: 5D Mindset - you'll learn how to shift your mindset and step into your future self: ROCK START Entrepreneur who is making 10K/months consistently. Value of 2,999 USD. 

MODULE #2: 5D Niche 2.0you will get clear on your why who do you want to serve and what's your zone of genius. Value of 1,999 USD. 

MODULE #3: 5D Sales & Marketing- you'll learn my top sales strategies how to sell without "selling" and make 10K/mo consistently. I'll also show you how to attract your ideal clients and create a strong social media presence on Instagram and Youtube. Value of 2,999 USD. 

MODULE #4: 5D PREMIUM OFFERS - you'll validate your business idea, create your signature offer and position yourself as an expert to attract more premium clients. Value of 1,999 USD. 

MODULE #5: 5D Team - you'll learn how to delegate and create a DREAM team to help you scale your business to 5-figure/mo consistently. Value of 1,999 USD.

COACHING CALLS WITH MARIETA: you'll get 7 x 45 min coaching calls with Marieta plus a BONUS call (value of 8,300 USD) 

Note: The program is 8-weeks long and requires a weekly or bi-weekly commitment. 


1. How to Publish a Book Like a Pro (available immediately) value of 99 USD. 

2. Love is the Law Book + Workshop (available immediately) value of 299 USD. 

3. How to Multiply Your Income in 2021 Training (available immediately) value of 499 USD. 

4. How to Turn Your Passion into Profit Training (value of 299 USD). 

5. How to incorporate your business Training (value of 999 USD). 

Over $14,795 of total value! Enroll today for $7,997  (The regular price is $15,000). 

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From a struggling immigrant to $2M Biz in 18 Months!

How to Quantum Leap in your Business - Success Story

Enroll now -> turn your passion into profit & start making 10K/mo consistently!

Who is this program for? Conscious Creators, Coaches, Healers, Consultants, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Artists, Light-workers who are ready to turn their passion into profit and start making 10K/mo consistently while making a positive impact!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this template

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Bonus #1 Love is the Law Workshop

    • Love is the Law Workshop for beginners - Start Here

  • 3

    Bonus #2 Love is the Law Book


  • 4

    Bonus #3 5X Your Income

    • 3 Steps to 5X Your Income Training

  • 5

    Bonus #4 Get Rich in 2020 Training

    • Get Rich in 2020 Training

  • 6

    Bonus #5 Mini-Training 5 Steps to Go from Passion to Profit

    • Mini-Training

  • 7

    Bonus #6 How to Publish Your Book Like a Pro

    • Training

  • 8


    • Mindset Video Training (5 Steps to Create Purpose Driven Company with the Right Mindset)

    • MINDSET Mini-Trainings



    • Alchemize the Darkness into Light - PDF TOOL

    • Love vs Fear Exercise

  • 9


    • Competition Research

    • Email Template - Your Unique Skills



    • AVATAR: Market Research Questions

    • MVO - Offer Creation

    • YOUR MESSAGING (your story + your why)

    • Facebook Group Market Research Script

    • NICHE Mini-Trainings

  • 10



    • SALES SCRIPT that converts!

    • Optin-Lead Magnet

    • Create Your Freebie

    • Freebie Funnel Strategy

    • Sales Call Application Form

    • Pre-Sales Call EMAIL SEQUENCE

    • How to Name Your Webinar

    • Webinar Recording Worksheet

    • Set Up Your WebinarJam

    • Webinar Outline

    • Webinar Script Template

    • YOUTUBE Mini-Training

    • Youtube Strategy Overview

    • Youtube Video Equipment

    • Youtube Channel Set Up

    • Youtube SEO

    • Description Below Youtube Video



  • 11


    • Client Testimonials

    • Premium Offer Sheet

    • How to charge premium

    • Additional Trainings

    • Premium Pricing Worksheet

    • Run the numbers

  • 12


    • Find the Dream TEAM

    • Additional Resources

    • What's Next?

    • Extra Bonus :)

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Here is what you get...

My program is a roadmap to making 10K/mo consistently. You will finally learn how to turn your PASSION into profit, make real MONEY while doing what you LOVE. Get started now!
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From a Heartbroken Girl to BADASS GIRL-BOSS!

How she turned her pain into a success story and became a Female Empowerment Coach

Get Extra Bonuses

If you enroll today!

  • Love is the Law Book

    Once your enroll to this program you will receive a FREE E-Book Love is the Law. Value of 25 USD. LITL book will activate your inner genius & help you apply 21 universal laws into your daily life.

  • How to 5X Your Income Training

    You will get a free access to my Mindset Training on How to Multiply Your Income in 2020 Fast! (value of 97 USD)

  • How to Publish Your Book Like a Pro Training

    You'll receive a free access to how to publish like a PRO training for aspiring best-selling authors. Value of 97 USD.

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The regular price for this program is $10,000.

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Watch Intro Video

From a Bulimic Girl to Successful Eating Disorder Coach!

She healed herself and became a licensed coach & entrepreneur!


Loving clients say ...

I've Tripled My Income!

Sara McLeod

Before signing up for Marieta’s 5D Entrepreneur Accelerator course I was (without knowing it) thinking too small and holding myself back with beliefs around money that I didn’t even know I had. I signed up for the 5D Entrepreneur Accelerator thinking that I just needed practical advice, but Marieta has helped me be aware of how vital mindset is, and how to change it. Even while battling my mindset around money and business I’ve tripled my overall income per month for the last few months, and recently quadrupled my income per client. AND in the middle of a pandemic - this blows my mind! Marieta is honest even when you don’t want to hear it, she is encouraging and extremely insightful when it comes to business and people. All of the practical tips and steps that are in the course are just icing on the cake compared to the mindset work. I want to learn more, and the money spent on the course is nothing compared to the money that Marieta will help you create. - Sarah from @RoseandThistlePhography

Remove the confusion, gain the clarity & shine!

Nicola Dunn

When I started with Marieta, I was suffering from a lot of overwhelm, confusion, and uncertainty. She has since helped me to not only gain clarity around what my purpose is in this world, she has shifted my MONEY mindset, and given me the knowledge and tools required to bring my dream business to life. Marieta has been incredibly patient and supportive every step of the way, whilst also pushing me to step into my power and truly believe in myself I finally feel like all the pieces are falling into place, and Marieta’s guidance has played a significant role in that. I will always be grateful for Marieta’s coaching, it was genuinely life-changing for me and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

From Being Lost to Finding a Purpose

Yuka Hino

When I started working with Marieta, the things I wanted to achieve in my business (and life) were still vague so I wasn’t sure if I was ready to absorb all the benefits and effectiveness Marieta’s program offers. If you are wondering the same, I recommend you just start working with her anyway :-) While the program itself offered A LOT to learn, Marieta has been very patient in understanding my concerns and has continuously pushed me up every step of the way. The repeated strong energy-exchanges with Marieta have evidently evoked my hidden inner- thoughts and ability where I was finally able to have all the dots in my life connected and form my business goals associated with the practical action plans. You get the best feeling when your purpose got connected with your path forward! :-) With Marieta’s program, I didn’t only learn the practical methods for the profitable business but I also obtained the strong “compass” for my life journey that I would follow for decades going forward. I can’t thank Marieta enough for everything she does! - Yuka Founder/Creator/Videographer of Snow Flower

5D Entrepreneurship Coaching Program is an amazing, spiritual, and practical coaching program!

Zofia Slowik

5D Entrepreneurship Coaching Program is an amazing, spiritual, and practical coaching program with actionable content for beginner entrepreneurs, it was exactly what I needed. It has helped me make my very first MONEY in my coaching practice and sign up my first clients as well as build the structure of the business from the scratch. The program has helped me achieve my clarity on my niche, showed me the first steps I needed to take in order to lift my business off the ground. Marieta has been incredibly motivating and supportive every step of the way helping me overcome the mindset blocks that were holding me back. I am now on the right track of achieving my next financial goals, I know exactly what I have to do and what to focus on to keep progressing but most importantly I finally believe that this is really possible. - Zofia Slowik https://www.singleladyhustle.com

Attract Premium Clients + Perfect Team!

Long Tao

I just finished two courses with Marieta. She puts her whole heart into it. After coaching w Marieta 1-on-1 she trained me to become creator instead of the victim. With her coaching, I was able to attract premium clients and attract the perfect team. You must be a DOER to work with Marieta. - Long Tao

Marieta was a gold mine in helping me access the energy !

Sara Northcutt MHR, CMHC

When I first began coaching with Marieta I hadn’t even figured out my niche, I just knew that it was time to take a leap and start working on the career that I had been putting off for too long. Marieta helped me understand how to localize exactly what I what and who I wanted to serve and in what way. My biggest challenge back then was just getting started. I knew that I wanted to help others but I wasn’t sure that my help or story would resonate with others. Marieta was a gold mine in helping me access the energy that I always knew was there to launch me into this new chapter of my life. She didn’t only challenge me to challenge myself, but she 100% believed in me, my story, and my opportunity for success. She helped me see the value in myself and I feel ten times more confident in myself, my story, and the help that I am so eager to provide to others. I am now creating a whole new world for myself that is bringing in clients and fulfilling that vision that has been waiting to be unlocked due to her help and experience.

From Confusion to Clarity!

Zanny Davis

I was stuck in my business. I was no longer passionate about my work and my message. Marieta helped me to dig deep into the things I was finding more passion around and advised me to pursue it as a business. She had the vision and insight to see Hypnobirthing coach thank you so much Marieta for your vote of confidence in me. Today I am a published author and hypnobirthing coach. -Zanny Davis

Energy is everything!

Sule Uluc

I have never met anyone with such an intuitive and spiritual understanding of life. You will truly admire her enthusiasm, energy of life, vision and intuition to revel what is hidden to you. All of us have good days , but only a few of us can truly succeed to keep smiling despite our bad experiences. We look for happiness outside ourselves and forget that true happiness is actually within ourselves.Working with Marieta will absolutely help you broaden your horizon, discover the hidden happiness inside you, and build peace within yourself. Marieta’s energy and soulful understanding will help the magic within yourself. Marieta’s energy and soulful understanding will help you identify your core wants and needs and find the secrets for living your life. -Sule Uluc

Working with Marieta Oslanec has been an incredible learning and self-development experience for me.

Jaimie Diaz

Completing the 5D Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program and working with Marieta Oslanec has been an incredible learning and self-development experience for me. I have always known that I had dreams to transition out of the corporate world and into self-employment one day, but I had no idea where to even begin the process. Marieta provided all the tools and techniques that I needed to start creating and embodying a self-employment mindset and finally let go of the security blanket that my 15-year corporate career has provided to me throughout the years. I was no longer happy doing the work I have always done and there was no way that I could continue down this path of unfulfillment any longer. During the program, I also realized that I am a person with many talents and passions; which made the process of “niching down” incredibly difficult. Marieta also provided me strong intuitive guidance and encouragement to be ok with my personal challenges and to trust the process. I have learned that I am passionate about being a life coach and enjoy helping/serving others in various areas of their lives. I am still working on all the details and creating my own unique spin on offering life coaching services full-time soon. However, I know that I have all the knowledge, mindset, tools and resources to keep pursuing my self-employment dream; thanks to Marieta!

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1,599 USD x 5 or one-time payment of 7,997 USD


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