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Meet the Instructor!

5D Coach-Entrepreneur-Intuitive Biz Coach

Marieta Oslanec

Marieta Oslanec is 5D intuitive business coach, intuitive channel, a serial entrepreneur, author of the book Love is the Law and conscious attorney. Her businesses were featured in major media including Forbes, Playboy, CBS, etc. Her mission is raise the global consciousness by activating your inner genius. By teaching her 5D blueprint (21 universal laws from her book Love is the Law) she helps you integrate your higher self, transition to higher level of consciousness, unity and wholeness. Learn more at


From Confusion to Clarity!

Nicola Dunn

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What to expect?

from Love is the Law Workshop for beginners...

The is 3 hour long workshop that will lay down foundation and understanding of 21 universal laws that are included in the book Love is the Law. You will also receive a free PDF E-book of Love is the Law that has resources and exercise at the end of each chapter. The workshop helps you to understand the difference between 3D vs 5D reality and by practicing the meditation in a group you will access higher level of consciousness to connect with your higher self. Two meditation included in this program are: 1. Opening your heart meditation 2. Future Self meditation
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Love is the Law Workshop Intermediate

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    Love is the Law Program is 3-weeks long program that consist of 200 min of content and 10 hours of group coaching with Marieta to activate your inner genius and upgrade every area of your life.
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