Manifest Love Coaching Program Experience

Welcome to my Private 1-on-1 Soulmate Coaching Program that I have designed for conscious women who are ready to attract true love unapologetically. What's included?

  • My 'True Love' Blueprint on how I was able to magically manifest my Soulmate (value: priceless)

  • My Self-love Blueprint and Activation of Your Feminine Energy (value: priceless)

  • 6 bi-weekly empowernment 1-on-1 coaching calls with me (value of $10,000)

  • Free Copy of My Book Love is the Law: 21 Universal laws how to activate your genius & uplift humanity (value $12)

  • Weekly Worksheets and Accountability to support you all the way (value of $2,000)

  • Ongoing Email & Energy Support to keep your energy high and consistent (value of $2,000)

Love it. I am in!

Can't wait to manifest my true LOVE.

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What others say...


From Confusion to living my Dream!

Long Tao

I just finished two courses with Marieta. She puts her whole heart into it. After coaching w Marieta 1-on-1 she trained me to become creator instead of the victim. With her coaching, I was able to attract and live my dream! You must be a DOER to coach with Marieta.

From Being Lost to Finding a Purpose

Yuka Hino

When I started working with Marieta, the things I wanted to achieve in my business (and life) were still vague so I wasn’t sure if I was ready to absorb all the benefits and effectiveness Marieta’s program offers. If you are wondering the same, I recommend you just start working with her anyway :-) While the program itself offered A LOT to learn, Marieta has been very patient in understanding my concerns and has continuously pushed me up every step of the way. The repeated strong energy-exchanges with Marieta have evidently evoked my hidden inner- thoughts and ability where I was finally able to have all the dots in my life connected and form my business goals associated with the practical action plans. You get the best feeling when your purpose got connected with your path forward! :-) With Marieta’s program, I didn’t only learn the practical methods for the profitable business but I also obtained the strong “compass” for my life journey that I would follow for decades going forward. I can’t thank Marieta enough for everything she does! - Yuka Founder/Creator/Videographer of Snow Flower


Entrepreneur- Author - Attorney - Business Coach

Marieta Oslanec

Marieta Oslanec is a 7-Fig business coach, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author of the book Love is the Law, and successful attorney who moved to the USA with just 700 USD from Slovakia. Her businesses were featured in major media including Forbes, Playboy, CBS, etc. Her mission is to activate your inner genius in order to uplift humanity. Over the years she has been helping purpose-driven conscious entrepreneurs create a soulful empire. She is also a Youtube Influencer (@Immigration channel and @MarietaOslanec) with over 3.2M views and over 100K Social Media Subs combined. Learn more:

Who do I work with?

Conscious women who are ready to attract true love & create their Fairytale.

I am in!


  • Who is the program for?

    The private coaching with Marieta is for conscious woman who is absolutely ready to manifest true love, stop playing games with herself, and seriously step into her feminine energy.

  • What's the investment?

    The investment for this program is currently $5,000. We also offer a payment plan of 2x $2,550.

  • What's included?

    Six 1-on-1 bi-weekly calls with Marieta, homework and accountability, email and energetic support to support you and keep your energy high and consistent.

  • Why Should You Join?

    Because you have tried to manifest your soulmate and somehow you weren't able to. Because you have no idea what's wrong but deep down you know that you're worthy to live your Fairytale. Because you know that you deserve to experience true love and you won't settle down. Because you're ready!

Flexible Payment Plan