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Marieta Oslanec

Marieta's coaching style is a fusion of intuitive downloads, mindset work, meditation techniques that she developed during silence retreats over the years, business strategy (including marketing and sales technique) acquired over 10 years as an entrepreneur and successful biz attorney featured in Forbes, and Marieta's unique quantum blueprint to activate your genius ( 21 universal laws that I have channeled in my best-selling book Love is the Law). You will receive her soulful mentorship, vision questing, and holding sacred space as she lovingly supports you to rise into your highest alignment. Marieta's mission is to empower women like you to rise to riches, turn your passion into profit, and uplift humanity!

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From Overwhelm to Certainty!

Nicola Dunn

When I started with Marieta, I was suffering from a lot of overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty. She has since helped me to not only gain clarity around what my purpose is in this world, she has shifted my mother mindset, and given me the knowledge and tools required to bring my dream business to life. Marieta has been incredibly patient and supportive every step of the way, whilst also pushing me to step into my power and truly believe in myself I finally feel like all the pieces are falling into place, and Marieta’s guidance has played a significant role in that.I will always be grateful for Marieta’s coaching, it was genuinely life changing for me and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Hypno-birthing Coach

Zanny Davis

I was stuck in my business. I was no longer passionate about my work and my message. Marieta helped me to dig deep into the things I was finding more passion around and advised me to pursue it as a business. She had the vision and insight to see Hypnobrithing coach thank you so much Marieta for your vote of confidence in me. Today I am a published author and hypnobirting coach.

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